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"Many years ago, The Hyperpolyglot Activist turned his language skills into a habit, and his teaching and researching skills into a passion. But to raise awareness of the importance of learning languages in order to empower people and make this world a better place, implies a life commitment. He has raised the bar to a whole new level"

Matias Barmat, Argentina
HYPIA (International Association of Hyperpolyglots) Director of Recruitment


"Carlos is an expert in learning and teaching languages, so, naturally, I wanted him as a guest on my show. I was so nervous thinking about talking with a PhD, but  he spoke with me as a fellow language learner, not just as an academic. Carlos is so passionate about  language learning, and I learned quite a bit from him about languages and being a polyglot!"”

Elle Charisse,

The United States
Creator and host of the Speaking Tongues podcast


"The Hyperpolyglot Activist has taken my English and Spanish to the next level in just three months. I am now able to communicate fluently and with confidence in my weekly polyglot gatherings in Shanghai"

王晨 (Jeremy Wang), China
Leading E-Commerce Professional

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