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'The Hyperpolyglot Activist: Learn Languages, Make a Difference' is a public outreach initiative devoted to fostering a unique dialogue between three fascinating domains:


A. Polyglossia: serial language learning as primarily driven by passion and curiosity. Our services include language lessons in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Ladino, Serbian, Mandarin and Esperanto, as well as courses on language learning methods and consulting.

B.  Linguistics: the systematic study of language, including its structure and context. This initiative implies the popularization of key terms in critical linguistics ("named languages", "translanguaging", "L1 speaker") and exposing linguistic ideologies ("nativespeakerism", "accentism", "monolingualism")

C. Activismthe conscious and ongoing effort to intervene in social, political, economic or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good. This also means collaborating with further organizations that seek to use language learning to make a difference, including "The Polyglot Conference", "Respond: Crisis, Translation", "HYPIA: The International Association of Hyperpolyglots", "Speaking Tongues", "Monoglossia", "Talking Language" and "Ladino 21".

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Born and raised in Spain to a monolingual family, after an arduous and evenful journey I have managed to reach fluency in 10+ languages (video evidence on my Youtube channel), becoming a hyperpolyglot and using language(s) to make a positive difference in the world.

I do this through several community outreach initiatives. First, my Youtube channel (4k+ subscribers, where I discuss key languages ideologies and polyglot myths, including nativespeakerism, accentism and standard language ideology). Second, as the CEO of Ladino 21 Community Interest Company, which features the world's leading digital archive to protect an endangered language known as Ladino (Judeo-Spanish). Third, through academic, institutional and corporate lectures across the world. Fourth, via my online language classes and courses (I specialize in Spanish, Ladino and English). Lastly, courtesy of my consultations, where I offer individualized advice on questions related to language learning, hyperpolyglossia, and/or the intersection between language and ideology, as well as academic career advice.

For further details about my international journey as a scholar and edupreneur, please scroll down to the CV section.

If you are reading this, and consider yourself a language enthusiast, philosopher or (aspiring) (hyper)polyglot, I would love to connect on my social media platforms (linked on top of this page) or at, and do business with you.




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