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Theory and Practice of Language Activism

  • Started Jun 4, 2021
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This ten-week course consists of 8 online weekly classes where you will learn why language is political and how to use this to make a difference in the world at large. This will be followed by 2 weeks where you will specialize on a specific topic and write a critical piece on it (article, essay, post, video, etc.) For the first eight weeks, each Monday I will provide you with a document containing a topic overview and a related reading /watching list that you need to go through prior to class. Then on Friday we will hold a 2-hour class. These classes will adopt the form of a seminar, starting with a 1h lecture followed by 1h of group discussion. After the class and over the weekend, you will be able to pose further questions by email, all of which will be answered by Sunday. Below you will find the content of this course: WEEK I. Language and The Individual (N. Chomsky, L.Wittgestein, J. Rappoport) WEEK II. Language and Class (V. Voloshinov, K. Marx, A. Davis) WEEK III. Language and Nation (J.Herder, B. Anderson, H. White) WEEK IV. The Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis (E. Sapir-B. Whorf, L. Boroditsky, J. McWhorter) WEEK V. Language, Discourse and Power (M.Foucault, J. Blommaert) WEEK VI. Language and Propaganda (H. Herman, N. Chomsky, J. Stanley) WEEK VII. Language Ideologies (K. Woolard, M. Silverstein, T. Eagleton) WEEK VIII. Language Activism Platforms NEXT AVAILABLE DATES 4 June

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