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Although the ability to speak many languages allows us to interact socially with many

people around the world, being a hyperpolyglot can also be a solitary experience,

so few other people sharing the same ability.


Bearing this in mind, The Hyperpolyglot Activist has partnered with The International Association of Hyperpolyglots (HYPIA), an international body representing the unique and growing population of hyperpolyglots worldwide.

Driven by a money-free, non-partisan and non-political approach to fostering and encouraging linguistic diversity, HYPIA offers three main services:

1. Regular membership for people who are either fluent in six or more languages, or conversant in eight or more languages.

2.Rare language specialists, for those who can speak and are committed to the preservation of moribund or dying languages which are in urgent need of interlocutory resuscitation.

3. HYPIA scholars, for those interested in conducting research on multilingualism, irrespective of how many languages they speak.

If you would like to apply for one or more of the above categories, please send an email to or

Interview between Dr. Usman Chohan (HYPIA's President)
and Dr. Carlos Yebra López
(CEO at THe Hyperpolyglot Activist / Director of Research at HYPIA Scholars)